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Selfish Reasons Why Some People Are Not Thankful to God

Although I don't buy the idea of having to remind you to thank God as i thought it should come naturally but i am still doing the right thing if i remind you to give thanks to God because even Apostle Peter knew how important it is to remind us of the things we already knew. (Read: 1 Peter 1:12)
Selfish Reasons Why Some People Are Not Thankful to God

So without wasting time, lets find out the selfish reasons some people don't thank God

Reasons Why Some People Are Not Thankful to God

Some actually Believe There Is No God, Even If There Is God; He does not contribute to their Achievements. You will hear these set of people tagging themselves as self-made, i made myself, etc. They are always self acclaiming that all that they are and have achieved in life, they got for and by themselves without Gods intervention. They are solely, single handedly self-made, so they owe no one or even God nothing and no thanks.

They do not realize that God is God and He remains faithful no matter what we think. (Read: Romans 3:3)

Some Have Gotten Too Used To God’s Grace There is a saying that “Familiarity breeds contempt”. This should not be the case for believers, especially with their God and Father. Unfortunately, it is largely one reason for thanklessness among God’s people, they have become too used to God’s grace and mercy that they take them for granted.
They have allowed what they considered miracles before to become common thing in their eyes; being alive, good health, shelter, water to drink and bathe with, ability to breathe in and out, food to eat… and all such LITTLE miracles no longer look special to them. So they are laid back, enjoying these benefits, caring less about gratitude. They do not realize that we owe God thanks both morning and night. Psalm 92:1,2

Some Are Just Ungrateful These ones believe God is obligated to them. He has only done what He is supposed to do and to some He has not even done enough so why should i thank him? Like what I think of the 9 lepers in Luke 17, maybe they felt no need to go back to thank Jesus. Maybe they thought after all, that is what He was sent to do, He only did his job, so why go all the way back just to say thank you?
They do not realize that God is obligated to no one but His word. Tweet This They have forgotten that everything we enjoy today, every single little thing is a result of God’s goodness and mercy, even waking up every morning is a result of God’s mercy.
There is so much to be thankful for; chief for believers is the fact that they have been forgiven, saved from death and hell.

Some Go as Far as Holding A Grudge Against God Many people refuse to give thanks to God for anything because they are mad at God. Maybe for what they think He did, or allowed to happen, or for what He did not do. “How could He let my father, mother, child, husband, wife be caught in that accident or die? Where was He when this or that happened?” they ask, or  “Why didn’t He do this or that for me, how could He deny me this or that?”
They do not remember that God is not the author of evil, and if He permits anything to happen, He knows best. They forget that He has their best interest at heart and whatever it was that happened could have been worse, or whatever didn’t happen God’s love for them is still His motivation. Jeremiah 31:3, 29:11

The enemy is a trickster and would naturally show us our unfulfilled desires and unanswered prayers in order to stop us from giving thanks. He has not forgotten what thanks and praise did for Paul and Silas, tiny Judah with King Jehoshaphat against their enemy nations or Jonah in the fish belly… just to mention a few.
If we would take the time to think a little and change our perspective, remove our eyes from what we have not to what we have, think on the mercies and goodness of God, we will discover countless reasons to be thankful to God.
Reasons Why Some People Are Not Thankful to God

So brethren and sisters, always give thanks to God no matter the circumstances

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